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The "Parelles lingüístiques" (language tandem) program is an informal and friendly way to practice languages. But not only this. Having a language partner will allow you to improve your knowledge of a language, of course, but it will also encourage you to interact with people of different cultures. It is a beneficial exchange for both parties.

For international students in the UIB, your language partner will help you to learn the language of the Balearic Islands and of the UIB, Catalan. For local students, a language partner will help him or her to improve the knowledge of a foreign language.

Participating in the program is very simple. You only have to fill in the form and commit yourself to spend at least an hour a week on it (as many as you decide). A coordination team will assign you a partner and you can start talking.

Sign up for the "Parelles lingüístiques" program at or ask for more information sending an e-mail to

Data de l'esdeveniment: 14/09/2017

Data de publicació: Thu Sep 14 10:32:00 CEST 2017